Some shoes are not just shoes. They are more than simple objects to put on your feet.

Some shoes are an attitude, they are a lifestyle. Without speaking a word, they can tell a lot about your personality!

 A few years earlier I found the Nike SB Dunk Series. I never heard about it before and I was impressed. With great enthusiasm I studied the history of The SB Dunks. There is so much love, creativity and unique charm in every SB Dunk.

One of my first Nike SB Dunk was the Chech & Chong version. I can honestly say it was love at the first sight. 

Famous artists and brands are working in collaboration with Nike SB. It is fascinating how they combine different materials, colours and unique designs.

I am 90s kid, and of course Tony Hawk’s Underground series pimped my childhood with skate- knowledge. 

My fascination for skateboarding and the legendary Nike SB Dunks was the trigger to found my own brand.

The idea is to create a unique and colourful skateboarding brand suitable to SB Dunks.

This is how DUNK JUNKS was born!


So if you are looking for some fresh stuff, stay tuned!